Botanical Repair Balm
Botanical Repair Balm
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Botanical Repair Balm

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Multi-purpose Super Healing Balm
Mummybrand’s Botanical Healing Balm is designed to treat eczema the natural way. Made from all-natural, medical-grade ingredients, our balm is formulated for all skin types and infused with key nutrients to promote skin detox and repair, restoring your skin metabolism and improving your quality of sleep. 

Beyond treating symptoms related to eczema, our all-natural balm is highly versatile for a variety of uses, be it treating skin rashes, minor cuts and wounds, as well as mosquito bites. It is also ideal for treating nappy rash and soothing skin discomfort in babies and toddlers, helping them to rest well and in comfort.

Recommended Steps: Apply Z-Advanced Moisturiser until skin redness subsides before using Botanical Repair Balm to repair the skin.
Suitable Skin: All Skin Type
Shelf Life: Self-preserving for 2 years from purchase date. To ensure freshness, all products are made to order.
Warning: Do not use on severe sunburns and extensive burns.

***Please read this before you purchase.

What To Expect

  1. Natural product does not work as fast as topical drugs such as topical steroid, anti-fungal or antibiotics cream. You will need months of consistent application before you can see results.
  2. Flare ups will likely occur after totally stopping topical drugs. This is the side effects of stopping topical drugs such as topical steroid and oral steroid. In the case that you had prior topical or oral steroid usage, please be reminded that natural products such as Mummybrand Skincare does not cause any observed side effects. We recommend potential users to reading up on topical steroid side effects and topical steroid withdrawal to gain background knowledge before purchasing. This will equip potential users with the confidence to embark on the natural skincare healing journey.
  3. Mummybrand natural products are specially formulated for ultra sensitive skin conditions when we are experiencing topical steroid withdrawal. All products are intensively tested and refined on TSW skin for over 8 months before we shared it with the Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal community.
  4. Z-advanced Moisturiser and Hydrating Butter is greasy by nature as it is made of unrefined shea butter. There is no water and harmful nasties added into the formula hence all you get is 100% wholesome ingredient that will benefit sensitive and weak skin greatly.
  5. As we are a boutique skincare brand with lower power of negotiation with our suppliers, we may not get the exact tin size that we want. This will result in Mummybrand using larger tin for smaller volume, e.g 45g tin for 30g volume. This will result in the product looking lesser but do rest assure we do not shortchange our customers. All products are weighted during production as a standard practice.
  6. If you got yourself a Z-advanced Moisturiser or Hydrating Butter, you may notice that the texture is not as refined as you would usually see in commercial skincare. This is because we do not and will not process our ingredients. What you get is the full benefit of the ingredient such as unrefined shea butter.
  7. For Z-advanced Moisturiser and Hydrating Butter users, you may noticed that there may be air pockets within the product itself. This is due to manual scooping of the shea butter by hand. The air pockets does not affect the volume of the product as we weight each product during production.
    At the time of publication, there is no device that can dispense raw shea butter like an ice cream dispenser due to the thick viscosity of our shea butter. We hope you can see the beauty and benefits of raw ingredients for your skin because this goes beyond the nice packaging.
  8. Mummybrand do not focus on nice packaging and looks of our products. We are focused on creating good skincare formula that are tested and proven on ourselves as well as selected users with serious skin conditions. Mummybrand products are made with recovery and affordability for our users.
  9. We do not sell used product. Every product produced is made fresh upon order. We do not collect back used tins for hygiene purposes however we encourage everyone to reuse the aluminium tins.
  10. Follow the regime closely and you will be on your way to experiencing skin freedom like never before.