Quality Eczema Skin Care Trusted by Mothers

Mummybrand utilises our proprietary natural formulas comprising all-natural ingredients, providing quality and effective eczema cream across various ages and skin conditions. Our products are also ideal for those seeking to manage dry and ultra sensitive skin, as well as treating eczema in babies as well as young children.

Looking to get started with an all-natural skincare regime? Mummybrand’s Basic Skincare Packs feature a number of tested products to suit a wide range of skin conditions. They provide relief and treat itches through quality eczema skin care, help to hydrate dry and sensitive skin, as well as facilitate recovery from Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

We offer some of the best anti-itch creams for eczema, multi-purpose botanical healing balms for treating rashes and wounds, as well as our Z-Advanced moisturiser designed for itches and skin discomfort. At Mummybrand, we combine affordability with quality and 100% natural ingredients into effective treatment products.


My 3 yr old daughter has mild eczema but at times, it flares up to the point of getting infected. After using the moisturizer and healing balm, the infected areas are much better. She has a much better sleep at night after using the balm as well, no longer waking up and scratching nonstop. Am so grateful for the products and the customer service is amazing!

Jihan A

My inflamed, dry & itchy problem areas itch less and it much more moisturised after discovering Mummybrand! Both my husband and I are using the regime that they recommended and we are seeing significant results in less itch & dry skin. To heal fully, it will take time but I'm glad Mummybrand helped a lot in my journey to being steroid free. ;)

Nurul Zulkflee

The botanical healing cream is a great relief to my sensitive lips. It soothes my lips, which does not feel itchy or peel and the redness around my lips has also reduced greatly. Being pregnant, I can also apply without worry since it is steroid-free. Thank you mummybrand!

Tracy Toh

Bought the topical steroid withdrawal pack and I must say it works wonders for my son who has eczema! His rashes, redness and scaly skin has smoothen back to normal in just a couple of days. Definitely no regrets buying it and items are just so legit! Will patronise your online store again! 🙂

Farhana Izyan

Glad that I decided to try Mummybrand cream for my 13 yo daughter. She has Eczema since she was young and it is on her arms, legs and body.
Although it takes some time to see the results (results differs
for different people), her skin has started to improve tremendously.
We are really glad and happy that we tried Mummybrand.
Mummybrand will always gives us advice and will recommend us the proper cream to use. Even on what not to eat.
Hope it will help others as much as it has helped my daughter's skin back to almost being normal.
Thank you Mummybrand!

Siti Noor Hidaya

Ever since my first order with mummybrand.. i stop using any other products over the counter. No turning back to steroid. My skin heals very fast when there’s a crack. Even though my eczema come and go because of tropical steroid withdrawal..the moisturiser really keep my skin calm and i have no worries unlike using steroid last time for so many years. No turning back to steroid. It damaged my skin. Now I’m slowly healing and gaining back my beautiful skin.. Im really looking forward to clear skin with mummybrand. Patience is key. Thank you mummybrand..always so helpful and give free consultations. Very honest and always so kind to help with eczema sufferer. Pls do support mummybrand. Honest review from me. 😊

Nur Suhadah

Found her on Instagram. Saw a lot of great reviews. I’ve suffer from eczema when i was 17 and at the age of 20 it got worse and skin became more sensitive ever since i started steroids on face and body. Topical steroids withdrawal that she made are handmade production that works for every skin believe it or not. I developed red skin syndrome too from the side effects of steroids. Steroids heals ur eczema yet it will definitely come back, worse with thinner skin. Her zinc jelly will help to heal eczema skin slowly but surely, my skin slowly turns back to normal without any rebound. Love her products!!!

Raudha Soetikno

Truly a saviour for my eczema. Been suffering eczema for nearly 2 years now. Has been using steroid cream in the early stage. But it will eventually flare up again when the cream finished. So decided to find a better solution for my skin and found Mummybrand soap, moisturiser and balm thru IG. Tried it and its proven! Inflammation subside, redness gone, skin getting better, weeping stopped. Now, its my GO TO product for everyday use!! And to a better skin!
Thanks Mummybrand.
Highly recommended!! 👍👍

Fitria Andie

I’ve used this product last year for my son’s milk rash on his face as well as nappy rash. Thank God the inflamed rash subside and now his face is much better and cleared up. This year, I gave birth again and my daughter is having the same problem. Hence the repeat order!!! Awesome product!

Sophia Elynna

Really love the pro jelly. It has helped to reduce the weeping on my lips a lot. Really thankful to Mummybrand for comming up with steroid free products that work!


Recommended by my sister to use this brand. My hand got terribly dry and flaky. I went to the clinic, a&e hospital but none helped. So my sister told me try this bundle set and i did so it healed perfectly and im in love. Wasted on clinics that doctor prescribed me which doesn't even heal but god knows this Mummybrand is AMAZING!

Muhammad Rykel

A first timer with an eczema balm. It sure relieves the redness n itch instantly; reduces swelling n inflammation. Tq so much for such a product!

Aidah Adnan

Super nice and patient seller.. She has been solving my son problem since he was 2mths old.. I always ask her for advise when my son has on and off flare.. And she always more than willing to share her. ❤️

Belinda Yan

Bought the topical steroid withdrawal pack and I must say it works wonders for my son who has eczema! His rashes, redness and scaly skin has smoothen back to normal in just a couple of days. Definitely no regrets buying it and items are just so legit! Will patronize your online store again! :)

Farhana Izyan

MummybrandSg is greatly recommended for eczema issues. The products that they used all natural ingredients.
Although my daughter went Hospitals, pte clinics etc all not showing results whereas got worst instead as all that’s given is none other than steroids creams and jabs but her body healed for a short while and the itchiness came back again worst than before.
So I turned to Mummybrand as I saw many good reviews decided to give it a try. The moisturiser really helps in her healing. Her skin is not as red cracked and peeling as before. She been suffering since 3 years ago but now she's progressing well. It’s been a year over that she had stopped steroids and will not go back to steroids again. Natural healing is the best!! Thumbs up 👍 to MummybrandSg.

Nur Adam

My 4 yr old daughter has been using mummybrand products for almost a year. Her eczema itchiness is very much under control now. From darkening, bleeding skin to almost normal skin now. She started with zinc moisturizer, botanical healing cream and the soap for few months. Then now she has moved to hydrating body butter. It has become her everyday routine to apply it everyday after morning shower. Few days ago, my newborn baby had a minor diaper rash. Knowing that all Mummybrand products uses only pure ingredients, no harsh, no steroids, so i was not hesitate to apply the hydrating body butter very thinly on my newborn's affected area. The redness gone quite fast! Thank you Mummybrand for producing an amazing products for eczema sufferers.

Wanie Fai

Products used is extremely good. Work wonders on my child's TSW. Highly recommended for mummy's out there with child going through TSW.

Sweety Nadzsan

Have been having eczema for the longest time. It's definitely on and off but ever since started using Mummybrand its has lessen the itch and also helps in improving the scars and rashes, no doubt about it. Will always continue using them! And Mummybrand have been the kindest ever :)

Wawai Sanchez

Who is mummybrand?

Mummybrand was founded by our family of topical steroid withdrawal sufferers, who spent extensive time and effort searching for the most effective skincare treatment solutions for their conditions. After years of tireless research, we managed to recover by formulating our very own specialised skincare products, utilising 100% natural ingredients to deliver effective management for dry and ultra sensitive skin, as well as for eczema skin care.

With Mummybrand, we empower Singaporeans to experience true freedom from their skin conditions and live life to the fullest.

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