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Understanding the unique features of Mummybrand products

  • Medical grade and food grade ingredients
  • No water or glycerine is added. You get 100% goodness from natural ingredients.
  • Moisturisers are hand processed to perfect fluffy texture to provide maximum comfort to weak skin.
  • Non-sting formula and production method.
  • Sustainable healing that have a low chance of relapse.
  • An alternative to topical drugs. 
  • Mummybrand is all about natural ingredients and protecting Mother Nature hence our product packaging are reusable aluminium tins. You can easily reuse it for small item storage after washing it.
  • Our silver ziplock bags are also reusable. It may reach you in a crumpled state due to the transportation. However you can use the silver ziplock bag for organising your charging cables and small accessories lying around your house.

For New Users

  • New users with 1st order must get at least 1 starter pack or the order will be cancelled. You will receive a free product consultation with every starter pack purchased. We are sincere in helping each and every customer outgrow and achieve a functional life so please trust us with our recommendation.
  • Please choose at least one of the 3 skincare packs below to ensure that you are able to replace your soap, moisturiser and healing balm. 
  • For users with normal skin but experience skin dryness arising from frequent washing or hand sanitising, choose The Skin Maintenance Starter Pack
  • For users with eczema-prone skin that are inflamed and itchy but did not use topical steroid cream, anti-fungal cream, unlabelled cream from doctor, Protopic cream and antibiotics cream, choose The Sensitive Skincare Starter Pack.
  • For users with inflamed and seriously itchy skin and have been applying or have applied topical steroid cream, anti-fungal cream, unlabelled cream from doctor, Protopic cream and antibiotics cream, choose The Ultra-Sensitive Skincare Starter Pack
  • Our experience and customers' statistics show that users who use our skincare packs have a much better start and result than users who only use a single product such as botanical healing balm and continue to use their existing soap and commercial moisturiser. Mummybrand products are designed to be used as pack and not individually.
  • There is a reason why the skin is in a bad state and most often than not, the existing products you are using is either causing flare ups or preventing consistent healing.
  • If you are referred here by an existing customer, do find out from them how did their recovery happen and what products they use and at what frequency did they apply Mummybrand products. Their personal experience with Mummybrand skincare is the best reference for you.
  • If you are still unsure on what to use, please send us a chat message on the bottom right for product consultation. Replies may be delayed so please do provide your email in the chat for us to get back to you in the case you are disconnected before we can get back to you.

How To Choose The Right Product During Reorder?

  • To prevent using preservatives and allowing natural healing ingredients to work on your skin while you bath, choose The Botanical Healing Bar Soap. 
  • To calm itchy and inflamed (red) skin, choose Z-Advanced Moisturiser 
  • To hydrate non-inflamed dry skin, choose The Hydrating Body Butter for Normal To Sensitive Skin.
  • To calm nappy rash, mosquito bites, rashes and insect bites, choose The Botanical Repair Balm.
  • To repair damaged skin arising from previous skin trauma, such as uneven skin from Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal, choose The Botanical Repair Balm. This balm is only useful for repairing skin under the dermis when there is no existing TSW or Eczema. We normally recommend this for users who had recovered from TSW but still have uneven skin and scratch marks. 
  • For Severe TSW itch and red skin syndrome sufferers, choose Z-Advanced Pro Jelly.
  • For flaking of skin that is inflamed and hot, choose Z-advanced Pro Jelly.

Product Comparison

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