Mummybrand Skin Reset Wet & Dry Wraps (2 Pairs)

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🌟 Introducing Mummybrand Skin Reset Wet & Dry Wraps! 🧖‍♀️ These versatile medical-grade body wraps are perfect for resetting your skin's moisture layer when wet, preventing scratching and offering protection for eczema and other skin concerns when dry. This super-soft eczema treatment wet wrap is excellent for the whole body.

🌡️ Mummybrand Wet/Dry Wraps are stretchable and have a compression effect on the skin, which helps TSW skin feel less itchy and sore. The cooling fabric is excellent for dry or wet wrap therapy. For the best results, use them together with Mummybrand Hydrating Butter!

🌿 Works well for eczema, psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, dermatomyositis, and mild dry skin.
👍 Good fit
💦 Dual usage - can be used as a wet wrap for skin hydration or simply as a dry wrap to reduce itch and improve skin comfort
🧼 Machine washable
🤗 Compression of the wrap helps reduce itching skin and holds skin flakes in place
👌 Won't stretch out, better performance than cotton wet wraps for eczema
💨 Promotes skin breathing. Essential for TSW sufferers
👶 Sizes available from infant to adult
🙌 Stretchable
🌟 Reusable and machine washable
🤝 All options come in 2 pairs of wet wraps except for the infant body wet wrap
❗ Non-exchangeable and non-refundable item

⚠️ *Please note that we do not recommend using Mummybrand Skin Reset Wet and Dry Wraps with topical steroid cream as this will multiply the absorption of topical steroid, increasing the dosage unknowingly.

**Mummybrand Dry/Wet wraps are cut by hand to your selected size. Frills and uneven edges are to be expected. Simply cut the frills if you spot them. You will need to replace them after using them for some time due to wear and tear.


🧖‍♀️ Are you experiencing severe eczema flares with intense itch or pain? Mummybrand's Skin Reset Wet Wraps may be just what you need to rehydrate and calm your skin!

💦 Simply soak the fabric wraps in normal-temperature water and apply them to the affected skin after bathing, moisturizing, and applying Mummybrand's Hydrating Butter.

👍 Wet wraps work best when you wear a first pair of damp wraps over the affected area, then a second pair of dry layers over the wet ones. Finally, put on night-time clothing, being careful not to disturb the dressing. Leave the wet wraps on for several hours or overnight to see the best results.

📜 Every purchase comes with detailed instructions on how to use Mummybrand's Skin Reset Wet Wraps effectively. Try them today and start resetting your skin!

Understanding the unique features of Mummybrand products

  • Medical grade and food grade ingredients
  • No water or glycerine is added. You get 100% goodness from natural ingredients.
  • Moisturisers are hand processed to perfect fluffy texture to provide maximum comfort to weak skin.
  • Non-sting formula and production method.
  • Sustainable healing that have a low chance of relapse.
  • An alternative to topical drugs. 
  • Mummybrand is all about natural ingredients and protecting Mother Nature hence our product packaging are reusable aluminium tins. You can easily reuse it for small item storage after washing it.
  • Our silver ziplock bags are also reusable. It may reach you in a crumpled state due to the transportation. However you can use the silver ziplock bag for organising your charging cables and small accessories lying around your house.

For New Users

  • New users with 1st order must get at least 1 starter pack or the order will be cancelled. You will receive a free product consultation with every starter pack purchased. We are sincere in helping each and every customer outgrow and achieve a functional life so please trust us with our recommendation.
  • Please choose at least one of the 3 skincare packs below to ensure that you are able to replace your soap, moisturiser and healing balm. 
  • For users with normal skin but experience skin dryness arising from frequent washing or hand sanitising, choose The Skin Maintenance Starter Pack
  • For users with eczema-prone skin that are inflamed and itchy but did not use topical steroid cream, anti-fungal cream, unlabelled cream from doctor, Protopic cream and antibiotics cream, choose The Sensitive Skincare Starter Pack.
  • For users with inflamed and seriously itchy skin and have been applying or have applied topical steroid cream, anti-fungal cream, unlabelled cream from doctor, Protopic cream and antibiotics cream, choose The Ultra-Sensitive Skincare Starter Pack
  • Our experience and customers' statistics show that users who use our skincare packs have a much better start and result than users who only use a single product such as botanical healing balm and continue to use their existing soap and commercial moisturiser. Mummybrand products are designed to be used as pack and not individually.
  • There is a reason why the skin is in a bad state and most often than not, the existing products you are using is either causing flare ups or preventing consistent healing.
  • If you are referred here by an existing customer, do find out from them how did their recovery happen and what products they use and at what frequency did they apply Mummybrand products. Their personal experience with Mummybrand skincare is the best reference for you.
  • If you are still unsure on what to use, please send us a chat message on the bottom right for product consultation. Replies may be delayed so please do provide your email in the chat for us to get back to you in the case you are disconnected before we can get back to you.

How To Choose The Right Product During Reorder?

  • To prevent using preservatives and allowing natural healing ingredients to work on your skin while you bath, choose The Botanical Healing Bar Soap. 
  • To calm itchy and inflamed (red) skin, choose Z-Advanced Moisturiser 
  • To hydrate non-inflamed dry skin, choose The Hydrating Body Butter for Normal To Sensitive Skin.
  • To calm nappy rash, mosquito bites, rashes and insect bites, choose The Botanical Repair Balm.
  • To repair damaged skin arising from previous skin trauma, such as uneven skin from Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal, choose The Botanical Repair Balm. This balm is only useful for repairing skin under the dermis when there is no existing TSW or Eczema. We normally recommend this for users who had recovered from TSW but still have uneven skin and scratch marks. 
  • For Severe TSW itch and red skin syndrome sufferers, choose Z-Advanced Pro Jelly.
  • For flaking of skin that is inflamed and hot, choose Z-advanced Pro Jelly.

Product Comparison

Comparison of Mummybrand Hydrating Butter vs Z-Advanced Moisturiser

Comparison of Mummybrand Botanical Balm vs Egg Yolk Balm

Z-Advanced Pro Jelly Technical Sheet

Below you will find answers to the questions most used by our users and the community.

About Products

Q: What do I expect if I used steroid/anti-fungal/antibiotics before?
A: Natural products will not take effect as fast as drugs but natural products do not have side effects. If you used topical drugs before and decide to stop and use natural products, you should take note that there might be topical drug withdrawal symptoms after you stop topical drugs. These may include reddening and itching of the skin, to skin flaking, which will happen after you stop topical drugs. The period of withdrawal varies from individual to individual.

Our success cases best practice with consistent and persistent application of Mummybrand products as well as photographs of affected skin area week by week. This will let you monitor how the skin is faring. Do give the skin at least 2 months of application to see results. Some users may take longer than 6 months but they also shown tremendous improvement after the 6th month mark. The key is patience as well as consistent application. 

Q: Are your products really natural?
A: Yes. We started off formulating natural skincare products for our own use due to 2 family members suffering from topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). We need the  ingredients have to be medical grade and food grade in order to harness the best results. Our formulation are also very gentle on kids as it is used by my son who is only 2 years old at the time of TSW. 

Q: Is Mummybrand products effective?
A: We've spent more than $12,000 on every Eczema treatment available in Singapore and unfortunately that resulted in much more severe condition and we had become much more dependent on medication. At this point, we stopped pursuing down this rabbit hole and started formulating and testing our products. This is where we finally see vast improvement over time and results are sustaining with no relapse. Every individual; body type; body constitution is different and hence the recovery period may take much longer time with stagnant stages but when you look back at your journey, you will have the answer to this question.

Q: Topical steroid is faster than natural products. Why should I be bothered?


Natural Skincare

  • Various documented side effects
  • Thinning of skin
  • Potential to develop Topical Steroid Withdrawal
  • Recurring flare
  • Fast but temporary results
  • Weaker skin overtime
  • Inappropriate use will introduce more complications
  • Higher chance of relapse if used inappropriately
  • Recurring treatment includes increased steroid dosage
  • Not as fast as steroids
  • Real healing of skin compared to steroid
  • Higher chance to outgrow
  • Stronger skin over time
  • Sustainable healing
  • No side effects
  • No rebound


Q: Why are the textures of your moisturisers that unrefined?

A: We pride Mummybrand's formulation to be absent of water (Aqua). This means you get 100% ingredient in your product, with no water added, compared to commercial moisturiser products off the shelves. Because we started off designing the product for our topical steroid withdrawal family members, the #1 concern is how water based moisturisers sting weak TSW skin. Mummybrand moisturisers do not sting TSW and weak skin. In fact, every Mummybrand user love our moisturisers due to the comfort it provides to ultra-sensitive skin. We also hand whip our moisturisers in order to get the fluffy texture that TSW sufferers love as it relieves their sore skin. Mummybrand moisturisers may look unrefined however we provide comfort to sensitive skin like no other. 

Q: How do I differentiate Z-Advanced Moisturiser from Hydrating Butter without looking at the tin cover? 
A: We know it happens when you have both products and you kind of mixed up the covers while applying. Hydrating Butter looks more yellowish than Z-advanced Moisturiser when comparing side to side.

Q: When do I start using Hydrating Butter and who is it made for?
A: Mummybrand started off with Z-Advanced Moisturiser to tackle TSW and Eczema's itchy, inflamed and weak skin. When our family members' started to recover, the skin may not be suitable for Z-Advanced Moisturiser as it may be a little dry for skin that are recovering and is not itchy nor inflamed. 
For users who have normal skin or just dry skin, you may also use our hydrating butter as a daily moisturiser to lock in moisture up to 8 hours. 

Q: How long can I keep Mummybrand products for?
A: Due to the nature of our natural products, we do not have shelf life as long as commercial products you are used to. All moisturisers and balms are safe to keep unopened for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. We recommend all customers to buy from this online store because your account will have information on the date of purchase which will make it easier for you to keep track of the expiry dates. 
Even so, we still recommend all users to buy in appropriate quantity and avoid keeping a stockpile at home to avoid risking products running into expiry.

Q: Does your product cure Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal?
A: While we certainly hope there is a cure for Eczema in the world and that itself will eradicate Topical steroid withdrawal automatically, there is no cure per se when it comes to Eczema. There have been good advancement in medical treatment in recent years for Eczema such as Duplixent however with every drug, there are side effects accompanying it. This is one of the reasons why majority of our users opt for natural products such as Mummybrand that are formulated to target the effects of TSW.

Meanwhile, Mummybrand users have shown respectable improvement, with some of them outgrowing Eczema and TSW altogether and moving on with their life. Every success case is a motivation to the Mummybrand community and we periodically update the cases on our Instagram page. Given that Mummybrand products are wholesomely natural, we are blessed to be able to help so many troubled children and stressed parents walk out of Eczema and TSW in a much more comfortable manner.

Q: It has been 2 days, why is the skin still red and itchy?
A: This is a simple question yet requires a big answer. There are many factors that affects the skin recovery time especially when the user has been on topical medicinal cream such as topical steroid, antibiotics cream, protopic cream and anti-fungal cream. Topical medicinal cream alter the behavior of the skin and every individual reacts differently to it however most users experience weakening of the skin, longer healing times and the need to up-dose. 

Mummybrand is not certified to advise for or against medicinal cream but is in a position from years of experience to recommend using natural products in the fight against eczema and TSW. While the upside of natural products is obviously zero side effects in general and better healing progress, the downside for natural products is the time needed for you to see the difference. Our regular customers understand that natural products, in particular Mummybrand products are able to give you comfort and healing strength in the most natural form, from mother nature. 

Users should give themselves at least 3 months of consistent application at least 3 times a day. For users with prolong topical medicinal cream history, you should expect your skin to flare up once you stop your prescribed medicinal cream and this is not a result of Mummybrand products but is a withdrawal symptom.

Q: Are you against topical steroid cream or topical drugs on the skin?
A: Mummybrand is in no professional position to advise against usage of topical steroid cream however we recommend using natural products before resorting to medicinal cream.

Q: I think I received a used product. What is going on?
A: We understand our moisturisers may look unappealing and may be unqualified to attend the most basic prom however please rest assured that all products are made fresh upon receiving your orders. We do not collect back used products due to hygiene reasons. We hand whip and hand scoop every ounce of thick fluffy moisturiser into the aluminium tubs. This process is fully manual and no machine can replace this process (we did want to get this part automated but to no avail) hence there will be air cavity in random parts of the product that may sink in. You are still getting the correct amount in your product because we use a weighting scale to ensure the right amount is dispensed.

Q: My moisturiser melted. Can I get a refund?
A: While our production office is air-conditioned and every product gets shipped out in good condition, we can't control the delivery process by our last mile partner(s). Couriers may leave the parcel in the vehicle for long period of time under the hot sun and the product will naturally melt however this does not affect the efficacy of the product. It does however cause the product to look like a candle wax, with no fluffy texture. Again, there is no reduction of efficacy and you will still get the same result, just with no fluffiness. Because this is out of our control, unless all couriers do not leave the vehicle in the hot sun, we unfortunately are unable to give you a refund. Rest assured, this only happens once in a blue moon but since a user once asked this before, we feel that this question should be in our FAQ to seek users' understanding when this situation occurs.

Q: Can you use other containers other than this aluminium container because it came dented?
A: When selecting packaging and containers, Mummybrand looks out for candidates that are safe, reusable and light. Due to our online operation nature, we need the containers to be lightweight in order not to add too much unnecessary weight to the parcel. We are all parents with kids hence one of the criteria that we want is to be able to reuse the containers. Most importantly, the containers needs to be safe for storing the moisturisers and balms.

We have the option to use plastic containers but due to the oil based ingredients, plastic will start to degrade and emit various toxins into the product. Henceforth, plastic containers are out of the questions especially when most of our users are applying it on their children as young as 2 months old. 

Glass containers are also one of the options however they are heavy and not safe to transport and with regards to children safety, if the glass container cracked or chip, the poor child may be cut by the glass fragment.  

We hope our users understand the reasons we choose aluminium tin for Mummybrand products. It may be prone to dents from the delivery process however, the pros outweigh the cons especially when the dents do not affect the efficacy of the product. 

Q: I'm still skeptical of your products despite the reviews. What makes you stand out from the thousands of skincare that claims to cure Eczema?
A: Mummybrand never claimed to cure Eczema. Our products are designed to be applied even on the most sensitive skin with no negative reaction. We stand out from this crowded space because we stick to good, medical grade ingredients and developed a proprietary method to produce our products. This tiring and manual process results in a product range that you have never seen nor touch before. This kind of process is akin to your traditional bakery or traditional claypot rice where it is far too tedious for big pharma house to produce this on a large scale. 

Another reason is simply because we have been there and done that. If you follow our IG stories, you would know we are a family of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) sufferers where the husband and the son suffered from severe TSW. Through plenty of time, effort and money sink in to find medical help but it is still not helping, hence our final decision to quit all medication and find a natural path towards recovery. The husband recovered from TSW in 8 months with June 2020 being the worst month before it got better while the son fully recovered in January 2021, taking 12 months with October 2020 being the worst month before his healing sped up. 

Every individual recovery time is different so please be patient, trust the process and our regime that we provide you when you approach us for product consultation. Hundreds of children and adults have benefited and is now leading a normal functional life. They have fought the shackles of TSW and Eczema together with Mummybrand and experienced skin freedom, so should you. 

About Payment

Q: What payment do you take?
A: We accept credit card, bank transfer, Paynow and Paylah. Bank account information is available at the check out page. For payment via credit card, kindly inform us and we will send you a payment link from Stripe.

Q: Why is there a non-refundable credit card charge of 4%?
A: We encourage customers to pay via bank transfer, Paynow and Paylah because it is free to use. Credit card payment requires gateway processing fee of 4% which we are unable to absorb. We hope to bring Mummybrand to all families and try our best to maintain at the current affordable pricing, thats why credit card fees will be undertaken by customers.

Q: Why are the credit card fees not included in the refunds?
A: Credit card processing fees are not included in the refunds in the unfortunate event that this happens. The credit card company charge this to us and we pass it on to customers to maintain our affordable pricing. In the event of refunds, the credit card company does not return us the 4% that they charge hence we are not able to refund you the credit card surcharge. 

Q: Why do you cancel my order and refund me for no reason?
A: Mummybrand is a private company that is family owned. We started off with a home remedy that began to have its following when we shared it to the eczema and TSW community. We have always regarded customers as friends from day 1 of Mummybrand and treated everyone with respect. We also expect courtesy and respect during product consultation. If your order has been cancelled and refunded, there is a reason for it and most likely it has to do with your attitude towards us. If you believe it's a misunderstanding, you may approach us in the live chat.

About Shipping

Q: What is the correct address format?
A: The correct way to write an address is in this format.
Blk xxx, Street Name,
Unit Number
Postal Code

Let's take our office address as an example. 
Blk 1003, Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 159836

We seek everyone help in ensuring your address format is correct to prevent return parcels or lost parcels. We are not responsible for additional charges due to redelivery nor do we refund nor compensate for the lost item. We thank you for your kind understanding. 

Q: Why are your ship out lead time inconsistent?
A: We apologise that we are unable to ship out your orders on the following day that you ordered. That is because all products are handmade and made fresh. This means that all we have are raw ingredients sitting in the production office until your order is received and we start to make them in batches. We do not make the products in advance unlike commercial products where preservatives and water are added to make it easier, faster and cheaper to produce as well as able to store the products for a very long period of time

Kindly bear with us for the slightly longer fulfilment time while we make your orders fresh. We also recommend that users buy slightly more as a float when there are times where we are unable to get our ingredient supplies from certain countries.

Q: Why does Mummybrand use Singpost Smartpac instead of third party couriers such as Ninjavan for Singapore deliveries?
A: We've heard of this question ten thousand times and the main reason we choose Smartpac is because we had very bad experience with all third party couriers. You name it, we've tried it. There have been missed pick ups resulting in very late deliveries and items were stolen or missing, with the worst damage on the product we had ever seen. 

In order to work around this problem, we decided to use Smartpac as we are able to drop off to their mailing box at Singpost anytime we are done fulfilling it instead of relying on the couriers to come pick up at weird and late hours, if they ever appear. This eliminates the courier no show problem. 

The beautiful thing about Smartpac is that it utilises the letterbox in very residential building. Even if you are not around to collect the parcel, it will be stored in your letterbox. This also eliminates the problem of undelivered/missing/stolen parcel by a big margin. There are still times where Smartpac does get undelivered however mostly those are users who did not provide their full address (missing unit number). 

Smartpac is still the better option out there. at least for Mummybrand operation and will continue to be using it unless there is one reliable courier that has SLA for their pick ups.

There will be times where we upgrade your delivery to Qexpress mainly because your order is too big for Smartpac. These upgrades are complimentary.

Q: Can you include bubble wrap in your packing as I received the product with some dings and dents?
A: We have been doing it from the start for some parcels that have products that are more fragile such as the shampoo however dings and dents are still happening. There is also a limit to how much bubble wrap we can use in the Smartpac due to space constraint which means we have to use 2 smartpacs to fulfil one order which also drives up your order bill. 

We understand that every customer have different expectations for parcel condition however there is little we can do unless we change all parcel to box and pass on the box cost to users. Again, not all customers want their order bill enlarge just for the packaging. We would also like to emphasis that dings and dents in the aluminium tin does not affect the efficacy of your product hence we seek your understanding for this matter.

Q: Why are overseas courier charges so expensive?
A: Mummybrand partnered with Easyship to give you access to more than 100 couriers world wide and provide you with real time shipping charges. What you see on your shipping options are the most value for money couriers. We have no control over the shipping charges by the couriers however Easyship updates us with promotional prices as they become available so do check in periodically. 


- We will be adding more FAQ as they become available -